Reno Omokri Blames Buhari For Twitter’s Decision To Open An Office In Ghana And Not Nigeria

Former presidential aid Reno Omokri has blamed president Buhari for Twitter’s decision to have its West Africa headquarters in Ghana and not Nigeria.

The CEO of Sterling Bank Abubakar Suleiman reacting to that blamed Nigerians who bad-mouth the country calling it a zoo for being the reason why Twitter decided to be in Ghana and not Nigeria even though they give them more content than Ghanaians.

Reno Omokri replying to the CEO of Sterling Bank Nigeria blamed president Buhari for being the cause as he gives examples of how president Buhari badmouth the country and the youths to a company that was planning to help the country.

According to Reno Omokri, in 2016 president Buhari told Telegraph that Nigerians have a reputation for crime and in 2018 told the commonwealth business forum that Nigerian youths are lazy therefore he’s the one badmouthing the country.

We don’t know what influenced Twitter’s decision to have an office here in Ghana instead of Nigeria but then that decision has made some Nigerians uncomfortable blaming each other for the choice Twitter made to bring its first office in Africa to Ghana.


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