Overtime, men have been the ones to take the first move in a relationship but the times are changing and women are beginning to take the lead and shoot their shot too. Do you have a guy you like and you don’t know how to express your feelings without feeling weird? Here is how

  1. Exercise your investigative skills to ensure that he is not engaged or married. You can tell your friends to help you too. Don’t bother wasting your shot, hence this first rule is important.

  2. Start a conversation: Communication tools is needed here. Start a conversation on anything, most preferably, something he loves.

  3. Build a connection: Make sure you build a connection through your conversation. You do this by being yourself and not by being overly impressive.

  4. Express your feelings: There is really no way to shoot your shot than to just shoot it. Tell him how you feel. However, note that he is entitled to say no as well as he can say yes. Be open to his responses and don’t crucify him for saying no.

You can try these tips and share your results with us. If you get a yes, congratulations. If you get a no, you can try again.

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