Office quarrels are usually the ugliest, most of the time as it breeds an unhealthy competition which never profits the company. Here are tips on avoiding an office drama:

  1. Beware of cliques: Usually, a group of people fewl drawn to each other and usually form cliques. However, in an office environment, you have to be careful of joining a particular clique in order to avoid an event of a power tussle.

  2. Beware of the gossipers: Note that whoever gossips to you will definitely gossip about you. Know the information you take in and when someone walks up to you to gossip about another colleague in the office, excuse yourself politely by saying “I really need to prepare for my presentation” and if the gossip is the stubborn type, communicate effectively to the person and tell him/her not to feed you with news like such again.

  3. Quickly communicate a slight irritation caused by your colleague to him before it breeds into a festering wound. Communicate your feelings at the appropriate time and avoid bottling issues.

  4. Respond to accusations in a polite and calm manner to diffuse potentially escalating situations. In a situation when a person is pent up or venting, responding in kind can only escalate the situation. Instead answer softly, calmly and when in the wrong, make sure you apologize.

  5. Don’t be the toxic one: Don’t be the colleague that snitches on another with her colleague. Don’t be the toxic one, don’t be the gossip, don’t be the owner of the negative energy. Make sure you carry positivity all around with you.

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