Facebook Now Lets You Go Beyond ‘Likes’ With ‘Facebook Reactions’

If you’ve ever felt like you wanted to express a different sentiment from just ‘liking’ pictures and posts on Facebook, yes you can!

Facebook has rolled out a new feature they’re calling “Facebook Reactions”, which allows you express a range of sentiments from love, anger to surprise.

All you’ll need to do to find the reactions is to hover your mouse above the like button and they’ll comfortably pop out. If you use an android or an iPhone, you’ll need to hold the like button down.

Similar to the like button, Facebook will allow you undo the reactions if you figure you’ve gone overboard (for the times when you put a love reaction on your crush’s picture while stalking him/her). Additionally, instead of seeing a specific number of likes per post, Facebook will now display the top three reactions per post.

Sounds like a winner already!

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