Alter Ego Announces Launch Of Private Atelier In Abuja

Nigeria Becomes First African Country to Debut Alter Ego’s Private Atelier

Alter Ego Project Group has launched its Private Altelier, an outfit that pays homage to Italian bespoke luxury, in Nigeria. Alter Ego Private Atelier offers bespoke solutions for luxury lifestyle for discerning men and women who love tailor-made Italian chic and glamour furnishings plus travel accessories.

Located at Rachel Court, Plot 679 Cadastral Zone B13, Gaduwa, Gudu District Abuja, Alter Ego Private Atelier delivers bespoke solutions for luxury lifestyle in interior design and top-class travelling.

Julia D.  Lantieri, CEO, Alter Ego Project Group, says Alter Ego Private Atelier has a mission to bring up perfection, exquisite style and elegance into the daily life of the most demanding clients.

“The finest Italian furniture and décor producers are available to order at Alter Ego Private Atelier in Abuja,” she explains. “Alter Ego Private Atelier approach keeps the client in the centre of universe, thus providing the best response to his or her desires and dreams. Bespoke excellence is based on the ability to capture the hidden needs and specific wishes of the commissioning customer.” Says Lantieri.

Alter Ego Private Atelier occupies a chamber space of 100 sq. that is decorated with opulent modern eclectic interior objects by Italian luxury brand Alchymia. Imbued with Italian style and chic, ALTEREGO Milano travel art cases are perfectly integrated into the luxury environment composed of state-of-the-art Alchymia décor pieces.

Alchymia is a family of ancient Italian interior designers known for their fascinating artistic pieces inspired by history and aimed at the future through painstaking research and development.

Lantieri further explains that high net worth individuals can enjoy bespoke travel service with the ALTEREGO Milano, one-of-a-kind luxury traveller’s companion tailored to meet each individual travel needs. According to her, it is a totally different approach to meeting the travel needs of discerning clients and unfolding the potential of an artcase.

“We invite our clients to experience a rapturous journey to the world of luxury travelling and timeless traditions of Italian design and craftsmanship over a cup of coffee, a flute of champagne or a glass of whiskey. The journey results in the appearance of a breathtaking handmade interior object or a tailor-made travel accessory – a true testimonial of status and elegance,” she concludes.

Alter Ego Luxury Deco

Alter Ego Luxury Deco

Alter Ego Deco

Alter Ego Deco



ALTEREGO Milano artcase is a bespoke top-of-the-range travel accessory specially designed to mirror its owner’s identity. The artcase is brought to life in the finest leather, jewellery and wood. Through a private concierge, clients are guided over a selection of desired style, leather, trims and decorations.

Obsessed with attention to details, ALTEREGO Milano works wonders with traditional and exotic leathers, handpicked stones, velvet-soft durable textiles and precious woods. All the elements for tailor-made artcases are created by the best Italian artisans in a special laboratory based on a family workshop at Como Lake.

Ancient techniques are entwined with state-of-the-art design, research in style and innovative materials. Alchymia gives new interpretation to Art-Deco combining it with classical and oriental motives and unexpected references. Alchymia art and design are characteristic of bright and opulent framing with generous use of silver and golden leaf, fine woods, extraordinary reliefs and ornaments.

Alter Ego Private Atelier offers a unique opening welcome exclusive to Nigerian market only: the exposition items are made available for immediate purchase without pre-order. Nigerian VIP’s are granted with the rare chance to indulge themselves with magnificent wall-art or furniture items by Alchymia right on the spot alongside with readymade limited editions of ALTEREGO Milano artcases displayed at the store.

Micheal Owolabi, CEO, Black pelican Ltd and partner at Alter Ego Private Atelierexplains that the Alter Ego Project Group success story in luxury industry dates to 2003. The company owns several business units in art objects and high-end interior design, furnishing /decoration, luxury goods and bespoke services.

“Alter Ego Project Group geography covers Europe predominantly Italy, France, Monaco, Croatia, the Great Britain and Russian Federation. New projects are in progress in Asia, Middle East, the USA and Africa. ALTER EGO Project Group gained the reputation of unexcelled expert and trendsetter in creating personal luxury environments worldwide. The group is honoured to present its first luxury project in Africa – Alter Ego Private Atelier based in Abuja, Nigeria. African VIP’s are welcome to experience bespoke luxury solutions for their homes and residences and reveal the potential of an artcase for their sophisticated travelling needs.” 

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