Travel Experience Can Be More of Fun With TrekBuyFlyTM -Lola Adefope

At an elaborate corporate event in Lagos, TrekBuyFlyTM app was officially launched in two interconnecting waterside venues simultaneously. For a moment, we blocked Ms. Lola Adefope, General Manager of Business Travel Management Limited who is also the “TrekBuyFlyTM” app developer, to have more glimpse of the Social Travel APP.  


What are you launching today

What’s we’re launching today is an app called TREKBUYFLY and it’s on Instagram, twitter, on GooglePlay store and Apple Store. But if one does not have either Google playstore or Apple Store, there’s a website that one can request a link to get the app.

 So what is it all about

The whole world is moving towards mobile technology especially Nigeria. Everybody know how to operate a mobile phone but not all can operate a computer. This is so because everyone has a mobile phone, a tablet or an iPad or any other gadgets and this is what’s needed. As a travel agent, I love to sort things out for people, I love to travel, book tickets, make reservations, putting things together and taking people to different places in the world and I have travelled to different part of the world myself. I have talked to a lot of people and realized that Nigeria does not have what can compete with the global market and not just anything that can compete with the global market but something that can open up the world to Nigerians, and most especially be able to do it yourself regardless of the fact that you have workers working for you.
Now, the problem with the economy at this point in time is that almost everybody is in search of dollars but with this app, you can actually spend Naira and do things that are affordable. So under TREK, there are various locations in Nigeria that you can visit, we have botanical gardens, Olumo rock,  we have seven water falls in Nigeria, we can take you on all of these trips to see Nigeria and it would be organized by us and its very secure because a lot of people might be scared and worried about safety and security as a result of Boko Haram and the likes. The good thing is that anytime our buses are going on any trip, there is always security so you can go. Its not only Nigeria you can trek to, we have amazing packages for Ghana, wonderful places you can TREK to, we have amazing packages all over Africa, we have amazing packages and tours, places you can go all over the globe like Australia, Shangai, New York, London, Iceland and its cheap

So that is the aspect of the TREK but it is not the normal trip that everybody plans but rather secret locations that people don’t really know about. There are wonderful hotels in Ghana, like boutique hotels so what the app does is that when you arrive in Ghana, and as you land, you get a notification and you’re shown all of the coolest joints in Ghana, all of the outlets that TREKBUYFLY has a discount in so you can buy things in Ghana. We’ll tell you if you want to travel around within Ghana, what you can do. It literally shows you all of the places you can TREK to, BUY and FLY at cheap rates although you can also opt for luxury tickets and packages but at the end of the day, we want to make things affordable, so everybody can operate within their budgets. So when you land in Ghana, your phone beeps and shows you everything you can do in Ghana and because it is a social travel app, it would be integrated with your facebook, instagram and twitter accounts so when you land in Ghana, your phone beeps and shows you all of your friends that are also in Ghana. One of the reasons we actually developed this is because I used to have clients that go to places like for example Johannesburg in South Africa for a meeting or an award show and then they are bored and that’s the worst thing. You are in an exciting location and you don’t know what good things you can do and you don’t know anybody there. So what the app does is when you get there it shows you how many of your friends that are also there and shows you their different locations. You can push out your arrival so all your friends can know that you are the there so it makes it very easy. You can select what bar you would be going to on the app and share it with you friends and you can see as your friends are liking it so you know which of your friends would be coming to meet you and because of the integration we have with Uber and all these other platforms, it shows you are far your friends are from you and how long it’s going to take them to get to you which I think is the whole point of travel. You want to go out, you want to enjoy yourself and sometimes when people are planning good trips you have to pull a lot of people together, get coordinated, book hotels, buy the tickets and plan the trip so everyone can have a nice time. All of these is really difficult and stressful so with this app, you plan your trip and you plan it according to your own budget either business class or economy depending on how much you are willing to spend. You plan all of your activities on that trip, for example, you want to go to the zoo while in South Africa, pick the hotel you want to stay in and the likes, then you finalise that your package and share with everybody on your social group or you can just decide to just share with a few people. The people you share with can see what you have done and add so they’ll just add themselves to your trip by just clicking a button but maybe one of them don’t want to go to the zoo, I want to go for shopping, so they’ll remove zoo trip and add shopping trip and all of it is just integrated and you can pay in naira. All you have to do in order to pay is either link you account or input you card details because that is the problem that most people are facing. They can’t go through the stress of paying in dollars or going to forex just because they want to goon a trip besides, why should we pay with the currency of another country just to enjoy our own country or continent. In actual fact some of the airlines tell me that if you want to send you passengers, you must pay in dollars so with this app, I would take on the responsibility to make sure that my suppliers are paid but make sure they get a discount amount and you can actually go out and enjoy yourself. So we are taking away the stress of inviting your friends. We are making it social, friendly, easy and it fits the budget. So our company name is “Business Travel Management Limited” and it owns a lot of other companies but TREKBUYFLY is a company on its own and its registered in Nigeria and around the world as well.

 What are the destinations you cover, is it only Africa  or do you also do out bound

 We do a lot of out bound but first of all, we want people to experience Nigeria and not be shy to experience and enjoy Nigeria. I was talking to UNILAG students and what they want is to see their own country. I was talking to a girl who was still in school and she said they’ve stopped teaching geography in school so she doesn’t even know how many states are there in Nigeria so first of all I want people to experience Nigeria but it is global because you can travel to anywhere in the world and still pay in naira and you can experience things and anywhere you land in the world, this app would activate and show you the coolest bars, clubs, restaurant and joints their distances, show you the shops we have cheap deals with and even if we don’t have cheap deals with them but they are recommended, the app will show you how to get there and because it is integrated with these companies you would have no problem whatsoever.

 What if I like solo travel and exclusivity. I don’t like friends hanging around,I just like to be alone

Oh that’s perfect, when you arrive, you just switch off notify my friends and nobody would know if you’re there and you can also switch on notify my friends if you want your friends to know your location so if anybody is travelling with who they shouldn’t be travelling with, you can switch it off or if you’re planning a surprise for someone, you can switch it off and then switch it on when you’re on their doorstep.

What about the pricing and how affordable are the packages

This is one of the things about it. Not only that you can pay in naira but we are also making sure its also affordable. They are all affordable trips. As earlier stated, we are a group company “Business Travel Management Limited” we have been doing this for companies, some of them are in the oil and gas sector, so e in the food sector, I am not saying they are our clients or sponsor but we have been doing this for years so we have really really good deals in the industry but we haven’t been able to give those deals to people that aren’t our clients so I’ll open these deals out to everybody so you get discount tickets. Another thing about the share is that when you put your own holiday, and you’re told that the holiday you booked is 250k or 200k including your visa that the app can help you apply for,  it would now show you that you can share with up to 10 friends but you cannot share with more than 15 friends so as your friends are BUYING, you would be notified that 10 friends have bought, you get a refund so instead of that 250k you get like 50k back. So you can book your own trip and make it cheaper by pushing it out to your friends and more of them that buys it, the cheaper it is for you and the money just comes back into your account. The more people you share it with, the cheaper it becomes for you

Who exactly are you targeting with this app?

Anybody with a mobile phone.
Anybody that wants to make their live easier and anybody that wants to see the world

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