2017 Prophesies: Non Christians Will Suffer Hardship in Year 2017 -Oyedepo, Onuoha

Bishop David O. Oyedepo

Prophesies on 2017 have started to pile out, as  Founder and General Overseer of Galilee Christian Centre, Prophet Williams Onuoha has predicted a tougher year in 2017. Similarly, the Papa of Living Faith Church worldwide, Bishop David O. Oyedepo, had prophesied, during the yesterday Shiloh closing session, that the current hardship being experienced by the masses will only get harder.

Oyedepo said it would take people whose case isn’t dependent on that of the country and/ or circumstances but on Jesus Christ, to survive what he describe as a “plague”.

Similarly, Onuoha, today, while speaking at the church’s end of the year thanksgiving asserted that with the current economic condition, inflation would be high, adding that there would be drastic change in governance in 2017.

The both Prophets pointed that those who are not Christians would be in anguish and sorrow for their sins and lack of knowledge (of God), while Christians will be at peace for God will do to them as he did to the children of Israel who stayed in Goshen in Egypt during the long seven years of drought.


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