David Oyelowo On Childhood in Nigeria: I Know ‘The Dark Side of Life’

David Oyelowo in Nightingale

It’s pronounced doubling the ending “o.” O-yellow-o. Currently co-starring with Daniel Craig in off-B’way’s “Othello-o.”

Of his film “Queen of Katwe” with Lupita Nyong’o, he says: “I lived in Nigeria from 6 to 13. I know about poverty and the dark side of life. Making ‘The Last King of Scotland’ was my last time in Africa. I learned prejudice is the unknown. Born of fear. This movie shows we are more alike than different.”

Sitting in producer Barbara Broccoli’s home, he remembered Nigeria fondly. “There, I was not [in] the minority. But self-awareness, born of opportunity, creates confidence. I never thought with Nigerian descent I’d be a big name. It was not what I anticipated.

“Growing up in England, your aspiration is just to do theater. You figure you’ll maybe be Judi Dench. But I trained. Worked hard. Used self-belief.

Opportunity. My big moment was [in] Stratford-upon-Avon doing ‘Henry VI,’ then in London a TV show. I’d outwork anyone. Directors respond when others believe in you.”


Credits: Cindy, Page Six

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