Justice for Bridget: Court frees accused murderers

A Kano court has freed five Muslim men accused of killing an elderly Christian woman for allegedly blaspheming the Prophet Mohammed.

The court in the city of Kano discharged the five men on Thursday on the legal advise of the prosecution.

“The legal advice presented to the court, dated June 24, states that there is no case to answer as the suspects are all innocent and orders the court to discharge all the suspects,” the judge said in his ruling.

The five men were accused, along with six others who are on the run, of killing 74-year-old Bridget Abahime on June 2 after she allegedly insulted the Prophet Mohammed.

The suspects had pleaded not guilty of the charge.

The victim, an ethnic Igbo trader from the southeast and wife of a pastor, was beaten to death, sparking outrage across the country with President Muhammadu Buhari calling the killing “utterly condemnable”.


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