Five Things You Shouldn’t Do at Airport Security

At the airport where you know everyone is in a hurry and everywhere is crowded, you should try to avoid doing certain things


  1. forget to have your boarding pass and ID in hand.

Airports are always crowded and busy. When travelling, don’t wait till you are standing in front of the security agent before you pull out your wallet to grab your ID. Do that while waiting in line or before you get in line. You’ll not only make things faster for yourself and those behind you. Plus, you won’t want to annoy the security agent now, would you?


  1. wait to take off your belt, watch, jacket and shoes.

To move through security check quickly, make sure you have everything you need out and ready to be placed on the conveyer belt as soon as you get there. You don’t want to delay every now, right? if you are wearing a belt, wristwatch, a jacket and or shoes with laces, have them ready.

Please note that persons age 75 and above as well as kids under may leave their shoes and light jackets on.

  • remove items you don’t need.

A very common mistake most people make is to take out all their electronic devices to be X-rayed separately just like when entering a bank. You don’t need to do this.  According to the TSA, only electronics the size of a standard laptop or larger — like a PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo — or video cameras that use video cassettes must be removed from their carrying cases and X-rayed separately. Tablets, cameras, handheld DVD players and phones can remain in your carry-on. Just make sure they’re out of your pockets!

  1. give the security agents a hard time.

No matter how right you feel you are about what to carry or not or ought to do or not or how things were done the last time you were at that airport, things might have changed since then. So just comply with whatever instructions they give to you as they have all the power at that moment and arguing might just get you detained.

  1. joke about national security or bombs

No matter your incredible sense of humour is, do not joke about national security or bombs. You could have detained for doing such as you might disrupt the piece of the people there and You may think your joke is funny or harmless, but remember, the TSA has no sense of humour when it comes to doing their jobs. Be careful.

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