Why I’m pulling out of EiE’s New Media Conference – BHM’s Ayeni Adekunle

I’ve followed with curious attention, the conversations surrounding the addition of a Nigerian celebrity Bobrisky to a panel on the new media Citizens, and governance conference which opened in Abuja yesterday.

Since the chief organizer Yemi Adamolekun called me yesterday morning to inform that an aide of President Buhari had pulled out, as well as an executive at a consulting firm. I’ve read the arguments for and against, listened to my colleagues and associates’ views, including Mr. Femi Falodun, the COO of ID Africa, who actually is on the same panel as Bobrisky. I even read the statement from one of the parties, dissociating themselves from the ‘sensationalized’ event.

Having thought carefully about the matter, I feel a deep need to add my voice and explain why I, as a matter of personal conviction, and in line with the culture of our organization, feel the need to also now excuse myself from this event – if the organizers do not readjust the panels and place me in the same panel as Mr. Bobrisky.

I consider it rather unfair and unacceptable; an injustice even, to be made to moderate a different panel at an event the almighty Bobrisky is attending. A panel that has received no attention, where no one is pulling in or pulling out anything, where none of the members has deemed it fit to cause any katakata. What’s the point of participating in the whole thing if one cannot milk it for some publicity? What’s the use if one cannot trend on twitter for one full day? I’ve been looking for an opportunity to appear on Linda Ikeji’s blog and Bella Naija for years. How dare you do this to me?

I’m jealous of the attention those who have pulled out and Bobrisky who I hope remains inside, are receiving; I’m sad I’m going to miss another opportunity to sit with and get to know the gentleman, discuss the concept of virality, and maybe even pick his brain. And, since we’re all being silly, I hereby announce that I will not be a part of the event today, if Yemi Adamolekun and her team do not get rid of Editi Effiong or Frank Donga from that important panel and push me in. I hope Bayo Omoboriowo will be around to take good photos.


Abuja, Thursday October 27, 2016

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