My Passion for Music Made Me Drop My Veterinary Doctor Certificate – Rore

Rore is a Nigerian singer/songwriter with a passion for music and an amazing talent to match. Her music style incorporates a fusion of Afro-Pop and Soul/RnB. Whether she’s singing an upbeat afro-tempo or a sweet ballad, Rore is sure to keep you addicted to her creative sound.

As she prepares to give the world the best of her music with an upcoming EP, she just recently released her debut single “Can’t Just Stop” which is now available for download. “Can’t Just Stop” is a romantic ballad that describes a longing for a loved one when time and distance become barriers. The chorus is a wonderful adaptation from the version of the iconic Nigerian Fuji Artiste, KWAM-1.

We caught up with her earlier in the week for an interesting chat and she is all shades of fun and inspiring

… Meet Rore!



Most singers, when interviewed, would say that they started singing from a very tender age, is that your case, too? 

Yes, I would say that I started singing as a child. However, singing then was mostly as a hobby and out of personal interest. I grew up in a family and an environment where musical expression is largely appreciated and encouraged. I fondly remember being in church choirs and I even remember enjoying a variety of music genres from the “video club” beside our house almost every evening/night. This video club would play everything from hip-hop to fuji, juju, afrobeat, apala, RnB, country, rock, gospel indigenous, gospel contemporary and a lot of classic oldies too. So, I can say that singing and music has always been a part of me from a tender age. However, I didn’t start singing professionally until much later when I was an undergraduate in the University.

I gathered that you are a Veterinary Doctor. Have you jettisoned Veterinary practice for singing? 

Yes, I trained in the University of Ibadan as a Veterinary Doctor. However, profession and passion are two different things, especially if you have the natural talent that your passion entails. So, I have always had the passion for music even throughout my veterinary training till date. I love being a Vet/Researcher but when passion calls, you answer it. Everyone has deal-breakers on what would give them the most life fulfillment, and for me, that is Music.

Your first released song ‘Can’t Just Stop’ has a rich lyrical content. It feels like a lot of positive emotions were channeled into it. Tell me how you came about the inspiration. 

Hmmmmm… Inspiration! First of all, thank you for the complement on the lyrical content of the song. The song was loosely borne out of a personal experience. I remember I was in a taxi and the driver was playing KWAM 1’s “I can’t just stop thinking about you my love”. And at that time, I was able to relate to the song. I kept singing it in my mind and the RnB version just kind of developed with that. Then, I decided to compose verses to the chorus and that was it. That’s the beautiful thing I love about Music; for me it’s all about expressions of thoughts, emotions, experiences that everyone can readily relate to in a fun way. Shout out to KWAM 1 for being an inspiration as always.



The music space has become more challenging than ever, especially for those trying to find a foothold. With this in mind and in line with your experience so far, have you ever thought you are not ready for it? 

I used to have such thoughts that I was not ready for the music industry, but I guess timing is very important in making key life decisions. Therefore, even if I was not ready before, at this time I am definitely ready for the industry. Irrespective of the challenges, I am ready to work hard and pursue my dreams till I achieve them. Besides, every career has its own sets of challenges especially in Nigeria. So I believe that your personal qualities and great timing will go a long way in making a successful career.



How would you judge the reception so far in the new public terrain you have found yourself?
Wow! The reception has been amazing and very encouraging. For starters, releasing my debut single, “Can’t Just Stop” has brought about an outpour of compliments from friends, families and my growing number of fans. I also enjoy the support of media personalities who upon listening to my song, they mostly appreciate the efforts I put by playing my song (some with compensation of course). It just shows to me that I should stay true to my art and stay consistent.

If you were to change something negative in the Nigeria entertainment industry, what would it be? 

As per the Nigerian entertainment industry, I would like to encourage media and radio personalities to be more receptive towards upcoming artistes without necessarily putting a heavy price tag on everything.  I understand that music is a business but most upcoming artistes have more talent and passion than money. And it really can get frustrating promoting your music as an independent artiste when the funds requested are inadequate. So I think that it would be appreciated if upcoming artistes are being given improved platforms for exposure.

What codes do you live by? 

I believe in the need for self-discovery and staying true to yourself, your pace, your life race and your timing. And that sometimes it’s ok to be different or to be the lone voice or positively rebel against norms and status quo. I also believe in hardwork and integrity; that blessings are never always financial and material, it’s also in the emotional, psychological and in life fulfillment. I also believe in humanistic values and compassion; my favorite quote would be “Do unto others, what you want them to do unto you”

Who’s your favourite ‘idol’ in the singing business, and why? 

I have more than one music idol and I will just list them in no particular order; Beyonce, Tuface, Michael Jackson and Tiwa Savage. They are my idols because apart from the fact that they are highly talented artistes, they are also consistently hardworking, ambitious and mostly humble. I appreciate everything that they represent musically.

When not making music or writing lyrics, what do you do with your time, and especially for fun? 

I am an avid reader. I read anything and everything – paperbacks, social media, news and articles on phones or laptops. I read for information and for fun. When I’m not reading, I like to go out with friends and just do anything spontaneous and fun like cool conversations, a night out or a road trip.

What plans do you have to make ‘Rore’ a relevant brand in the entertainment business in Nigeria and beyond, given the next five to ten years? 

Well, with regards achieving my goals, I have decided to always keep two major things in mind which are staying true to my art and understanding the business of music. In promoting the ‘Rore’ brand over years to come, I will work to create a reasonable balance between the art and business of music. And ultimately, I pray that God continues to bless our hustle and the work of our hands.

Any words for those very afraid to take the steps you have taken now? 

Start….. NOW!

Stay consistent…. ALWAYS!

Give up…… NEVER!

What do you have coming up soon that your fans should be excited about?

I am currently working on an EP compilation from which another single would be released before the end of this year. In line with that, I will be having live “unplugged” performances. I am very excited and I look forward to all these.



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