Travelling is fun, especially when you have got company. The fun things that can be done is so vast if you know where to look! So while travelling is fun, you will agree with me that if there was someone who always went out of his/her way to piss you off with their attitude, then the trip is ruined. If you are someone who has the habits below, do something about them before you are seen as annoying and unbearable. No one wants to invite such a person on a trip with them.

  1. Complaining at the slightest opportunity

If you live in Lagos, you should be used to the traffic situation in the state, the reckless driving of some danfos and okadas, the silly people who cross the road carelessly, etc. when you see them elsewhere, you shouldn’t go on and on about them.

While on the trip, there will surely be minor discomforts – your flight may be delayed or cancelled, the car hiring company may send a junk bucket as car, you might be served the wrong meal, etc. just endure and roll with it. These things happen and they are part of the travel experience. Don’t complain about them at the slightest opportunity. What you can do though is look for the humour in situations. They make for good stories you can reminisce on later on.

  1. Delaying people at the security check

You are at the airport, of which you are aware that you will pass through the metal detector, yet you choose to wait till it is your turn on the line to start bringing out all the metallic stuff on you because the detector keeps beeping and beeping. Thus you keeping holding up the line.

Take time to reduce the metallic objects on you so you don’t delay anyone else. It’s very annoying when people have to watch someone hold up the queue. You will agree as well.


  1. Whining about the itinerary

You are meant to leave for another part of the state, or country today at noon, but something comes up, your friends decided to stay back for a day, the tourist company had to do a detour or make some minor changes due to some circumstances. Don’t whine and nag about the changes. Find out what the reasons are and let them be, after all sometimes, the unplanned usually gives us those experiences we never expected. Don’t be a pain-in-the-butt.

  1. Disrespecting the culture of the place you are visiting

You visit Zaria or Sokoto and decided to wear a pair of mid-thigh length shorts or mini skirt and a chiffon netted top, because the weather is hot, you will be treated scornfully. Cover your head if you are in a place or country that requires it of you. Don’t hug in a place where the laws don’t permit it or any form of open physical affection.

Being disrespectful of the culture of the place is not good at all. When in Rome behave like the Romans.

  1. Getting drunk and being a pain in the butt

You clearly came on this trip to have fun, there is no use getting drunk on your first day/night. A hangover is one of the most annoying things to nurse. It makes one irritable and unbearable. This could lead to you snapping at everyone and making the trip bad for everyone. They would all wish you had stayed home.

Stop these and you are good to go on any trip.

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