It’s interesting that Season 9 is about to wrap up, it has been such an amazing show with so many twists and turns for the contestants. The tenacity and the consistency of this show is worthy of commendation. 

Thumbs up to MTN and Ultima Limited for putting up an amazing family show for nine consecutive years. Strangely, something in me yearns for Season 10 for these reasons:

  1.  Unlimited Learners

Somehow, learning is not limited to only the contestants, we the viewers also learn the rudiments of music, entertainment, investment, songwriting by following the daily Academy  Shows. The number of people who learn just by following the show is as numerous as the reach of the show which cuts across various continents with online streaming platform and various Television stations across West Africa.


  1. Versatility Guaranteed

Project Fame does NOT only allow contestants to sing songs they are comfortable with alone; the Academy also pushes them to take up new challenges so as to discover unknown capacity in the singing talent of the contestants. And this push continues until the raw talents in the show become amazingly versatile and are able to perform all genre of music especially the ever green ones.


  1. Catalyst for Stardom

It might still take a few months and perhaps a few years for a Project Fame contestant to make it to stardom, however being on national TV for weeks, having a known name, and being a known face across West Africa speeds up this process especially for a resilient winner or contestant.


  1. Four Sound Coaches

Firm Uncle Ben, amazing voice coach, Ms. Ige, ever young and graceful Mummy J together with choreographer Ms. Lovette all make the Academy a grooming ground that is in a world of its own and without any bona fide competition. The wealth of experience these four sound coaches bring on the show is exceptional and indeed grooms world class stars.


  1. Music For All

As a result of the need to groom the contestants to perform various genre of music, everyone watching Project Fame gets entertained. This is because no matter what your genre of music is, you can be rest assured such will be performed on the stage of Project Fame by each and every of the contestants.

  1. Jack of All Necessary Trades

Project Fame Academy offers all round development. Other shows develop contestants musically. However Project Fame equips contestants for singing, living and managing stardom. The show also teaches goal setting, discipline, stage performance, stage control and indeed grooms a total star.

  1.  Hit Tracks From Almost All Past Winners

Project Fame affords contestants the opportunity to work with amazing producers and songwriters to make amazing tracks while in the Academy and they continue in this line even after leaving the Academy. Hits such as Kukere, Rich And Famous, A Woman’s Need, Emi Ni Baller, and upcoming hit tracks such as Nke Gi, Yago, Is Notin, Bursting My Brain, Never Let You Go, My Beautiful Love, etc. all attest to that.

  1. A Platform of Hope to Get Discovered and To Remain Relevant

Every contestant is a winner on Project Fame. This is because Project Fame always provides a platform to promote the music of their contestants whether such contestant won in his or her season or not; by providing such contestant the privilege to perform his or her new track on the Project Fame stage anytime the season is on.

  1. Unending Second Chances

Anyone who comes for auditions can always come back to contest again and again till such gets an opportunity to enter into the Project Fame Academy. Quite a number of contestants have made it to the Academy after repeated attempt.


  1. Everyday Entertainment Guaranteed For Everyone Everywhere

Everyone everywhere and everyday gets an opportunity to watch Project Fame daily shows while the season is on and this provides avenue for families to bond in a relaxed musical environment after a busy day every day of the week. Project Fame can also be viewed online from anywhere in the world and also on both local and cable Television stations across West Africa.

Above all, the thought of seeing past contestants who did not win in past Seasons coming to contest in Season 10;  is definitely a reason to look forward to the BIG 10th Season! Anyone with me on this thought?

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