I Never Said “Buhari’s Govt Has Let Me down’’ – Abu Sidiq

The publisher of, who was arrested and released two days after, have cleared the air on how he was misquoted by some segment of the media that he Buhari let him down. In a press statement, Abubakar Sidiq said he never said such.

Read his statement
It has become expedient for me to respond to a publication by an online platform which headlined a story claiming that I said Buhari’s Government has let me down.
Shortly after my release from the EFCC on Tuesday, I posted a statement to thank all those who joined in demanding for my release. As part of that statement, I wrote that “This is a government that I fought for. But occurrences like these are not the experiences that myself and millions of Nigerians have fought for.”
If those words were what the online platform used to mean that I said the Buhari govt has let me down, then I must have been quoted out of context. What I was simply trying to say is that I fought for the government, but the incidence of my arrest by the EFCC has shown that it is not what we fought for that happened. If that statement expresses any iota of disappointment, then it will be on the Magu-led leadership of the EFCC who simply arrogated to himself the judge and the jury in a case that he is the principal subject. President Buhari in the spirit of strengthening institutions in Nigeria gave the EFCC the freedom to independently carry out its constitutional responsibilities. It is the EFCC chairman that decided to abuse that independence.  Therefore, the president should not be dragged into this matter.
To set the records straight, there is no way I could have expressed disappointment in a govt that one of its institution decided to abuse its powers. It will only amount to meaning that I expected the Buhari government to stand by me whether or not I am guilty of the offence alleged. That will be dragging us to the past days of impunity which informed my decision to support the person of President Muhammadu Buhari and his change mantra. I know for one that the Buhari government will not shield anyone found wanting whether or not you support or is part of his government. So expecting such would have been disastrous.
I have been an ardent supporter of the president since 2003 and despite every opportunity to jump ship, I stayed the course because of my conviction that he is the man to turn around the fortunes of the country and he has already set towards that path. It will be foolhardy to therefore quite at a time a course I stood with for over 15 years was already bearing fruits.
I therefore want to restate that I remain committed to the government of President Muhammadu Buhari and I will do everything to ensure that it succeeds including calling out any individual in the government who is yet to imbibe the spirit of change.
I thank you.
Abubakar Sidiq Usman

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