Jumia vs RMD: the other side of the story

RMD sues Jumia
Some days ago, OSG published a story about RMD suing popular online retail outlet. Jumia for using his images on their social media fashion platforms. OSG findings have however revealed some truth about the a whole issue.

According to a reliable source very close to Jumia, the company was first contacted in May by solicitors representing RMD. Their letter asked that Jumia should stop posting RMD images on their fashion instagram page and that Jumia should also offer conciliatory compensation.
Jumia’s fashion team immediately complied with their request and took down all the photos from the Jumiafashion instagram page – this was done immediately in May. Jumia’s legal team then responded to the solicitors letter and explained that the images were never used for any commercial purposes. The photos were editorial posts on jumiafashion instagram page – “reposts,” and several other celebrities are likewise featured photos on Jumiafashion instagram page. All of which are always done out of admiration and high regard.
Nonetheless Jumia communicated that they had since removed all of RMD’s photos and also communicated their regrets for any inconvenience suffered.
Since then, they’ve received two additional letters from RMD’s solicitors insisting on conciliatory/monetary compensation to which Jumia have consistently communicated that they never commercially exploited the photos.
Moreover, they have since taken them all down and stopped using his photos as they requested.
We immediately took down the photos from the Jumia fashion instagram page in May when they first asked that we do so, and the fashion instagram page has not reposted any of RMD’s photos ever since.
The source also claimed that Jumia never used any of his (RMD) images on their website (as their publicist claims) or to sell any products or brands.

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