Yemi Alade is no doubt one of the greatest female artistes in Nigeria and indeed Africa today. The BET Award nominee boasts of back to back hits and a wide recognition from the world over.

The ‘Johnny’ superstar however has been on the heels of men lately with her latest songs suggesting that there is no limits to what men should spend for their ladies. True, no problem; but now she is tweeting about it also.

Chaiii, our own don finish. First, she said we should buy Ferrari and pay salary to prove our love, now she is hitting us hard on twitter. My fellow men, what did you do to Yemi Alade ooo?

She just tweeted a few minutes ago and this was what she wrote…

“5DAYS RELATIONSHIP ! Boyfriend:”u look amazing 2day,nice heels too! Mks ur steps gracious “? OneMonthAFTER! BF: ur heels r slowing us down!”

Please if anyone knows the person that offended Yemi Alade, please tell us so we can pesuade him to plead for forgiveness before she begins a revolution.

It will be recalled that Yemi Alade had said she can not marry any man who does not “show” his love for her.

In her words, “I like my man to be God fearing; have a good sense of style and good humour. He has to be one that has ambition and purpose and he must show it, not just talk about it.”

Hmm….Yemi Alade, please ooooo, I beg you in the name of God! What about men without Jobs or the ones who have been retrenched from Skye Bank recently? We nor go marry?

Must we all be E-Money or Femi Otedola to marry?

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