Phyno talks about marriage


Phyno has for the first time since his rise to stardom talked about marriage and his love life. Many reporters and colleagues have revealed in the past that the only time Phyno talks is when he raps, they claim that the ‘Alobam’ hit maker is very reserved and keeps a lot to himself especially when it comes to his personal life and relationships. This however changed when he was a guest recently at a show anchored by the new BET Award Winner, Falz, the Bahd guy. During the ‘tell-all’ segment of the show, he was asked about plans to get married, and he said, “I think Flavour is right about entertainers and marriage. Right to some extent and wrong to some extent. Depends on your wife. If your wife is jealous, she may not be able to handle it”.

“For me, talking about marriage, when it happens it happens. I’m old enough to marry. But I’m married to the music right now”, he added.

Phyno is currently promoting his new album titled, Phyno the play maker. He has  in recent times delivered two amazing back to back hit singles in Connect and Fada Fada – in which he featured Olamide, a fellow rapper and close friend.

The partnership between Phyno and Olamide is surprising to many fans, critics and spectators who had believed the two rappers would be at opposite ends as they seem to be the biggest rappers in the Nigerian Industry at the moment, and rap in their different indigenous dialect.

The duo however, rather than beef each other like other rappers before them, chose to build a strong partnership which has seen them rule the industry for a number of years now. Indeed, more can be achieved when people work together.

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