On June 8, 2015, Desmond Elliot, popular Nollywood actor/producer turned politician was inaugurated as one of the lawmakers into the Lagos State House of Assembly to represent Surulere constituency 1, he contested on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and defeated Bayo Smith, the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

After his victory, he took to his Facebook page to post the following message:

“Today marks a new phase in my life as I have officially launched my journey into the Nigerian Politics, firstly I would love to thank the people of Surulere for truly believing in me and my dreams to bringing out new energy and new enthusiasm to our place, today I reaffirm all my promises to you, we have attained victory together and together we shall also attain The Change We Desire. I also want to extend my profound gratitude to everyone who has supported me in this cause, my friends, fans and well-wishers. May God bless you all!”.
Now, lets go back to the reason for this post. It will surprise you to know that I have lived in Surulere Constituency 1 for about 10 years, and never knew Desmond Elliot was from that constituency, talk less of knowing that the house about nine blocks from our building is actually Desmond Elliot’s family house where his mother and sister lived. Of cause I have been seen them on different occasions over the years but didn’t know they were related to Desmond.
Apparently, over the years he just breezes in a rolled up vehicle and sneaks out too until during the election (you won’t blame him though, these thugs in Lagos na wah). Desmond began to come around everyday and was always seen walking up and down the street acknowledging cheers from fans. Hmmm….
Yes, he promised heaven and earth and was voted in. Did you say “since then?” Well, like every other politician, the only time I have set eyes on Desmond was early this year when he engaged in his stomach infrastructure – sharing Five hundred Naira bills in the guise of his birthday celebration.
To cut the long story short, a few weeks ago Desmond was in the neighborhood again and on sighting him, a boy in the balcony of their house shouted against the cheers “Desmond Elliot, who you epp??”
The area boys turned body guards used the opportunity to flex their muscles and descended heavily on him. He is still receiving treatments in a Government facility.
Which person mouth you for hear the story?? No be me o!!!

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