5 Nigerian Cities With The Most Expensive Apartment Rentage

As a property manager and one who has visited many Nigerian cities, I did a research/survey and came out with the result of the top 5 cities in Nigeria where one would need to belt himself/herself very well before renting an apartment! This survey was carried out with the accommodation costs of houses/apartments found in condusive environments or areas characterized with the usual facilities that are found in an average African city. By this, this survey did not cover rural areas (villages), please.


In terms of the cost of renting an apartment, be it flat, self-con or bed-sitter, Abuja (the main city), is a place where you really need to eat ‘bellefull’ before doing that. This can really reduce your savings to a frustrating amount! It’s in places like Maitama that you would see a one-bedroom flat that goes for 1million Naira!!! Any landlord/house agent who puts up same house for that amount in Benin-City is surely an ‘Enemy of Progress’ grin Are we buying the house? It’s because of this that made many residents of Abuja to move to surburbs or outskirts of the city.

2) LAGOS: I discovered that most of the mini-flats in Lagos mainland are above 300k a year. You can get this same apartment, even with better facilities and in a more serene environment, at half the price, in Akure. When I saw the bed-sitter a friend of mine paid for at Oregun for 10k monthly, I wept!!!

3) WARRI: This would have come after Port-Harcourt but it seems as if some house owners here think everyone is scooping crude oil from the ground since it’s called the ‘Oil City’. Sometimes, mini-flats go for as high as 18k monthly!!! 3 bedroom flats in good environments can cost 480k-500k per year; sometimes, 600k.


Rentage in PH City is not too different from what’s obtainable in Warri.

5) ENUGU: Sometimes, a bed-sitter that’s so small to an extent where you won’t even have enough space to stretch your hands in the morning without knocking off things in your room, could go for as high as 100k-110k per year! Even places like Obiagu and Artisan!!! The rentage cost of 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom flats in places like Loma Linda/Independence Layout/GRA, can make an unemployed man die before his time!!! wink

Compiled by Rapmoney

Source: Nairaland

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