Dilma Rousseff ‘Outraged’ At Impeachment Vote

Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff might very well be on her way out of a job. Brazil’s lower house voted in favor of her impeachment on Sunday with only a Simple majority vote by the Senate standing between her and a trial.

68 year old Dilma Rousseff is accused of breaking budget laws to finance her reelection in 2014, a charge she has denied. She has labeled those plotting her impeachment as ‘coup plotters’, believed to be veiled references to Vice President Michael Temer and Speaker of the lower house.

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Her first public response to the Congressional vote came on Monday night as she decried the proceedings and vowed to “continue to fight the injustice”.

Rousseff has become very unpopular, with one opinion poll putting her popularity at 10%. Brazil’s worst economic recession in decades as well as a public corruption scandal at Petrobas- a state run oil company has eroded confidence in her administration.

With the Senate expected to pass a vote early next month, a simple majority in favor of an impeachment trial will lead to her suspension for the period of the trial, and if she is found guilty, she will be impeached.



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