DocuSeries Casting in Atlanta for African Queens

Production has begun on Queens, a new reality docuseries, with stories of African women living in the United States. Vantage Poynt Pictures in collaboration with Kinniavative Signature Consulting have joined forces to ensure the tales of African women in America are accurately depicted and showcased to mainstream audiences.

“We’re looking to get inside the lives of African women with stories across the gamut. From women who were born in America to African parents riddled with tradition in a free world, to women with half the heritage struggling to decide how they want to move forward with the culture. Seeing them juggle the demands of high-powered careers, blue-collar jobs, and entrepreneurship while seeking real love and acceptance from their family is where many African women are now in their lives,” executive producer Ngozi Ahanotu explains.

Queens” depicts African women in America fulfilling their dreams, finding love, and discovering their true identity. We aim to portray their complicated and fruitful lives by sharing the interactions of many women that are young first generation Africans, transplants, and somehow inserted into the culture – those still learning to love their heritage, those who love the continent to the core, and those who disassociate altogether.


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