Congressional Committee Votes To Begin Rousseff’s Impeachment Process

Embattled Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff is facing the real possibility of being impeached from office.

With the Brazilian economy experiencing its worst recession in decades, Rousseff’s unpopularity has not been helped by a corruption scandal.

A corruption scandal at state run oil company, Petrobas has implicated quite a number of Rousseff’s allies and eroded her political goodwill. In March, 3 million Brazilians marched on the streets demanding Rousseff’s impeachment.

The impeachment process brought by Brazil’s lower house is based on allegations that she contravened budgeting laws to facilitate her reelection in 2014.

A committee in the lower house voted 38-27 in Favour of the motion and a full vote of the lower house will come next. If it passes, the motion will be sent to the Senate where a simple majority vote in favor will see Rousseff stand trial.

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