Spice Route Hosts Lagos to a memorable Weekender

Spice Route restaurant recently hosted Lagos to the first ever Burlesque Party.

The restaurant played host to top Socialites, Celebrities and top Media personalities as they came out enmasse to watch the Burlesque show. The red carpet was hosted by Moet.

Guests were treated to the most titillating Burlesque dances by professional female performers spear headed by the beautiful Kora. The highlight of the night was the performance of the famous Broadway musical “Cell Block Tango”

Produced by popular PR Consultant, Socialite and Choreographer; Seal Kamson expressed his excitement and gratitude to the Industry for opening a door for a new form of expression of entertainment. He emphasized on the importance of embracing ideas as well as his hope for the nouveu party idea in Nigeria.

“Dance has always been a part of me as well as event/entertainment. It gives me great joy to see this show come to life, changing the face of entertainment and nightlife” Seal Kamson- Choreographer/PR Consultant

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