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Exclusive – Queens College Old Girls’ Association Disclose Allegations Against Seni Osifala Are Not ‘Unfounded’

The Queen’s college old girls’ association which set up a fact finding panel after allegations surfaced that a member of staff identified as Mr. Seni Oshifala, molested a students has presented its findings.

A protest on Monday afternoon by Queen’s College students who insisted that Mr Seni is innocent of the charges as well as a press statement from the school’s management in his defense have left many wondering as to where the truth really lies.

The Old girls’ association said in their findings that the allegations against Mr Oshifala were not unfounded and revealed that Mr Oshifala has a history of sexual impropriety and indecent treatment of children. Additionally, contrary to some claims, male members of staff live in close proximity within the hostel areas while girls move about in different stages of undress.

The report ends by recommending criminal investigation by the Police as well as the Federal Ministry of education. The association also called for an investigation of the principal and the vice principal and called on the Federal Ministry of education to remove the alleged perpetrator from the school premises.


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