After reading all the reports about Ese Oruru’s abduction, I must say I am immensely saddened by how in spite of our so called education and progress as a nation, our society is still entangled in the web of child abductions, forced marriage and seeming religion sanctioned pedophilia.

As I write this, a 13 year old girl who could be my daughter has been abducted from her parents in Bayelsa and is being raped in the name of marriage in Kano.

It is highly unfortunate that we are constantly reminded that the Nigerian girl child is an endangered species. Almost a child of no consequence. How else can you explain the madness of a 13 year old forcefully taken from her parents and married off without apparent consequences?

How else can one explain the apparent silence of law enforcement and the inability of the girl’s parents to get their child back?

How else can one explain the inability of underprivileged Nigerians like Ese’s Parents to get justice?

Why is it still possible in Nigeria, to hide under the murky shadows of religion and commit heinous crimes without the supposedly long arms of the law coming down hard on the perpetrators?

Why does it have to take social media outrage and hashtags to get the attention of the authorities and those we have elected into offices to do their jobs?

The Nation is rife with injustice and oppression.

I say this to every Nigerian occupying any position that gives you a platform to speak up: According to Desmond Tutu : “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

You cannot afford to be neutral. Ese Oruru could be your daughter, your little sister, your niece or even your neighbour’s daughter.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to Jutice everywhere.

– Lolo 1 Wazobia FM

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