Join The #FreeEse Campaign

Nigeria’s The Punch Newspaper has kick started a #FreeEse campaign everyone should be a part of.

Ese Oruru is a 14 year old girl who was kidnapped by an indigene of Kano from Bayelsa state.

Her abductor has been identified as Yinusa who claims that Ese left on her own accord with him to Kano state where she converted to Islam and married him.

The incident occurred last year and all efforts by Rose Oruru, the child’s mother to get the child back has been futile as authorities in Kano claim the child has converted to Islam and changed her name to Aisha.

Under Nigerian law, Ese is too young to give consent to marriage but despite this, Police authorities have failed to return the child to her parents.

The conversion of young girls to Islam before marrying them is a fairly common practice in Northern Nigerian and little thought is given to its legality.

We use this avenue to implore the appropriate authorities to #FreeEse and return her to her parents.

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