This Week – GOtv Weekly Highlights 22 To 28 Feb

This week on GOtv, below are the highlights.
*   Telemundo, channel 14 on GOtv Plus

A Passion for Revenge: Captain Nestor makes a gruesome discovery when he finds Alma Gallardo’s body. What happened in the past leading up to this shocking discovery? The Gallardos want justice for the Alma’s death, and they meet the Del Junco sisters. An investigation reveals that Alma took her own life. Captain Fernandez arrives at the Del Junco Ranch with an arrest warrant. Fernandez reveals that Montalvo may have been involved in Alma Gallardo’s death. Cayetana goes looking for Soledad and finds a picture of Alma. Leonardo tries to make a pass at Irina. Cayetana goes looking for Soledad and finds a picture of Alma Gallardo. Premiere episode Monday 22 February at 18:00 CAT. Catch-ups Saturdays at 16:20 CAT.

*   Zee World, channel  25 on GOtv Plus

Total Siyapaa: Settled in London, Aman hopes to marry Asha, an Indian woman also based in London. He visits her parents’ house to seek their permission to marry her. However, his plans to impress the family start failing when they discover that he is a Pakistani. AirsSunday 27 February at 19:00 CAT.

*   Discovery World, channel 50, GOtv Value and GOtv Plus

Flight 370: The Missing Links: The disappearance of Flight 370 has exposed major frailties in modern aviation technology. How was it possible to lose a state-of-the-art airliner and its 239 passengers? Find the missing links Monday 22 February 19:30 CAT

*   E! Entertainment, channel 26, GOtv Value and GOtv Plus

Live from the red carpet: The 2016 Academy Awards – It’s the glitziest night in the showbiz calendar as Hollywood’s greatest talent attend the 88th Academy Awards. Comedian Chris Rock is back to host the awards and a whole galaxy of stars will be walking the red carpet at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Join E! For complete coverage of the night. Sunday 28 February at 20:30 CAT.

*   Sony Channel, channel 21 on GOtv Plus

Corrupt Crimes investigates recent crime stories, with expert analysis and dramatic storytelling.  Cases include: crimes of passion, wiretapping espionage, treason, insider trading, government corruption, the black market, piracy, murder, blackmail, conspiracies and more.  Exposing corruption across the United States is the goal of the series.  Examples of crimes featured in the series include; doping in sports and more serious offenses like an ATM heist that resulted in nearly $45 million being stolen worldwide!  Season 1 starts Tuesday 23 February at 16:20 CAT.

*   Nickelodeon, channel 62 GOtv Value & GOtv Plus

Henry Danger: The boy hero, the stay-out-of-trouble-or-you’ll-suffer-the-consequences kind of guy, Kid Danger is back! And not just by himself but with the most renowned superhero in town, the defender of good Captain Man! They keep working together and keeping villains at bay in the new episodes of Henry Danger! They are not just truly crime fighters but committed members of their community, so they’ll do whatever it takes to keep Swellview and their inhabitants’ in check. In the new stories, we’ll see the return of Dr. Minyak, and Henry will realize that the evil doer has transformed his best friend, Charlotte, into a super strong being set to capture Kid Danger and Captain Man! And they will also have to battle the Time Jerker; when Kid Danger accidentally falls into his time machine and relives the same day over again! Airs Monday to Friday at 19:35 CAT, new episodes marathon on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 at 09:20 CAT and15:20 CAT respectively.

*   MTV Base, channel 72, GOtv Plus

MTVBase Official Top 20 Chart The definitive weekly chart profiling the biggest songs across the continent. Using radio and TV air play figures from around the continent the Official Top 20 is the only place to find out what’s truly the hottest in Africa right now! Saturday from10:00 CAT

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