Pepsi Refreshes Valentine’s Season!

This Valentine’s season was one with a twist and all thanks to Pepsi’s #LongThroat4Love campaign that had everyone in Nigeria squashing beef and expressing their love. The campaign had most rivalries and feuds put aside and put to bed all in the spirit of love. Exes that hadn’t spoken to each other had lunch together to make amends, rival football fans hung out over drinks, landlords and tenants broke bread and feuding neighbours settled their differences! With people enjoying the much welcomed positivity, it was love all round and it made January’s beef filled fiesta look like a distant long-gone memory.

The loving and hugging kicked off on social media, sending it into another frenzy with tweets, memes, blog posts, pictures, and a whole lot of awesomeness with people using Pepsi’s #LongThroat4Love hashtag.


All this led up to the big day itself which had something totally epic in store for friends and indeed ex-rivals everywhere: The Pepsi Valentine Rave Party. It was the turn-up to be at on Valentine’s Day. The hottest DJ’s performed, spinning epic tracks that everyone rocked all night to.


The celebrity guests in attendance made for a lavish night that screamed VIP. Also at the party were the lucky winners of Pepsi’s #LongThroat4Love radio call-in show where loads of tickets were awarded to listeners who called in to declare that they wanted to squash some beef with someone.

pepsi long throat

Pepsi’s #Longthroat4Love truly made for a refreshing and unforgettable Valentines. And with all the beef that was squashed, the whole nation is now better for it!

dj lambo-1 pepsi long throat 4 love pepsi-event


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