Should We Be Excited About M.I’s Illegal Music 3?

If I have to spell out what I.M 3 is, you probably shouldn’t be here.
For the headstrong, “I.M 3″ is the third installment off M.I’s “Illegal Music” Mixtapes which is due for release sometime this year.

Nigeria’s self styled rap ‘Chairman’, M.I is undoubtedly a talented rapper, one of the best Nigerian rappers to ever drop a line.

When he started out, his lines were uncompromising, dope as hell and the homie went hard.

The microphone vandalist/ the son of the evangelist/Critics say no critique or ridicule for the mythical rapper who tackle the spiritual and the political..”

Remember His lines from ‘Nobody Test me’ ?

“I’ve got advice for the up and coming, coming up quick/ don’t test me even if you’ve testes I’m a prick”

Such was M.I’s prowess that he released one of the most iconic albums of all time “Talk about it” which had many Nigerians talking about the future of hip hop.

His follow up album “M.I 2” began the slant towards more commercial music but it still managed to be a dependable sophomore album.

M.I released the Illegal music projects in between albums and showed “working” with the first mix tape in 2009.
Illegal Music was always famous for its dopeness and on Illegal Music 2, he brought in Phenom, Young6ix and Pryse to spice up the project.

Somewhere in between all that, M.I went cold, probably got too busy “Presidenting” at Chocolate City that he didn’t have time to make music no more.

He broke his hiatus with his album “Chairman” which has to come down as M.I’s laziest body of work. For me, it didn’t strike a chord and it marked an attempt for M.I to dabble into some heavy duty chewing gum rap lines.

I’ll save us the horror of reproducing some of those lines.

With the impending release of Illegal Music 3, wlI can’t help but wonder, will M.I rediscover his magic?
Although M.I has been notoriously unimpressive lately, I’m betting that the absence of pressure a mix tape brings will bring out the best from him.

If we count on history and precedence, M.I has never produced a wack I.M mixtape and we hope like hell he doesn’t start now.

Should we be excited about Illegal Music 3? I’ll go out on a limb and say, Hell yeah!

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