Zee World WEEKLY highlights 01-05 Feb 2016

Saloni breaks another oath and dishonours the family. She attempts to tell the family the reason behind her actions. Bhabo begs Saloni to behave and not cause any trouble on Diwali. Saloni tells the blackmailer, she will fullfill Bhabo’s wish regardless the consequences. Kaveri continues to play mind games with Kuki Kaki and threatens to expose her if she does not do as she is told.



Another wedding is about to happen in the Garodia family. Jhanvi leaves her family to go with Nikhil to his village.  She receives a warm welcoming, but continues to notice strange things about her new family and village. Jhanvi sees to her father in law’s true colours. Durga leaves home to go back to her in laws. The family receives bad news about Shatich.


Sacred Ties

The advocate refuses to continue with Manav and Archana’s divorce. Savita threatens to leave if Manav doesn’t sign the divorce papers. Archana goes for a job interview only to find out her soon to be boss is a familiar face. Sachin and Shalini have a moment where their young love starts. Manav’s loan application is accepted but something awful happens.


The Promise
Pronita finally regains her memory but cannot reveal her true identity to the Walia family. Jai’s children try to hide their true identity from their father. Meera blackmails Jai and turns Krishna and Ganga against him. Jai and Pronita decide to team up against Meera. Even though Pronita’s intentions are good the Walia family only sees her has an enemy. Krishan and Vicky see Ganga’s true identity.

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