Four Movies That Didn’t Earn Oscar Noms But You Should Still Watch Anyway

There’s no doubt that the Academy Awards represent the peak of achievement in the film industry. Nevertheless, as with all awards, it did ignore some pretty great movies.

Here are five movies that didn’t get a nod for the Oscars but you really should watch anyway.

1. Concussion

Granted, it’s not one of Will Smith’s best performances in a movie, but this true life tale still manages to hold its own.

Will Smith plays a Nigerian doctor, Dr Bennett Omalu, who discovers chronic traumatic encephalopathy in football players and chronicles the build up to his confronting the NFL.
Not without its holes and probably lacking a little bite, the movie still ticks all thw right boxes.
Need I say more?

2. Beast of No Nation

Aside from some noticeable holes in the storyline and a less than concincing ending, Beast of No nation is still an enjoyable movie with command performances from Idris Elba and Abraham Attah.

Beasts of No Nation

It is perhaps the beat portrayal of the phenomenon of child soldiers in whatever war torn African nation you can think of.

Idris Elba is at his believable best as a war commandant here and Abraham Attah is simply majestic.

3. Black Mass

I’m not the biggest fan of Johnny, especially following a forgettable performance in “Mortedecai”but teaming up with Benedict Cumberbatch, I couldn’t help but notice.
Johnny Depp plays an intelligent small town gangster who in a twist teams up with the FBI to take down the Italian Mob.

Aside from being Johnny Depp’s best performance in a while, it is gritty in its telling.

4. Woman In Gold

In one of most compelling dramas of 2015, Ryan Reynolds plays a lawyer who helps a very determined Maria Altmann (played by Helen Mirren) to recover her heritage among which is the painting of her aunt, ‘The Woman in Gold’.


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