See Comedian Sworn-In As Guatemelan President Today

Popular comedian turned politician,Jimmy Morales, was inaugurated president of Guatemala on Jan. 14.

Morales, a conservative, has yet to announce who will make up his cabinet, the Associated Press reports.

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Jimmy Morales

Edgar Gutierrez, a political analyst from San Carlos University in Guatemala, has drawn attention to how unprepared the former celebrity seems to be for office. “He is a president who takes office without a party, without well-qualified people he trusts and with a state apparatus that’s really in financial and institutional ruin,” said Gutierrez.Following a year of scandal, which saw former Guatemalan President Otto Perez arrested, voters were anxious for a change.

Torres, who ran government social programs while her ex-husband Alvaro Colom was president, was perhaps hampered by being too closely associated with Guatemala’s corrupt political past.
Morales portrayed himself to voters as the common candidate and attributed his success to the people’s desire for an end to political corruption.

“I don’t have super powers nor magic and I’ve never said I do, but my heart swells with love for this nation and together we’re going to fight for her,” said the 46-year-old Morales.

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