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#OscarSoWhite: No Black Actors Were Nominated In The 2016 Oscars

So even after a number of wonderful and spectacular movies featuring black actors were released last year, we couldn’t help but notice the colour (or the lack of colour) on the 2016 Oscar nominations list.


This has sparked the #OscarsSoWhite, as social media can’t help but notice the absence of spectacular acts like Michael B. Jordan in “Creed”, Will Smith in “Concussion”, Wiz Khalifa’s hit soundtrack for “Fast and Furious 7”, Idris Elba in “Beast of No Nation”, “Straight Out of Compton”.

Some of these examples have gotten nominations and awards in the 2016 award season that kicked off with the NYFCC Awards, click here if you missed that.

See reactions to the nomination list below.















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