While #TecnoOwnTheStage Kenyans Won the Battle – But for How Long?

The rivalry in the #TECNOOwnTheStage karaoke competition shifted to nationalities in the 9th episode of the show as representatives of Nigeria and Kenya went on a musical battle to exert their superiority.

The musical battle between the two African power house was made even more evident when the two front-running contestants, Nigeria’s Shapeera was squared up against the handsome Pascal from Kenya.

The duo performed the 2013 Nico and Vince hit song ‘am I wrong.’

Watch Shapeera and Pascal face-off here:

At the end of their performance, the judges appeared to be taking sides with contestants from their countries. Yemi Alade seemed to have courted trouble with her tweet in which she referred to the musical prowess of Nigerians.

Not one to leave things lying low, Bien responded by tweeting his thoughts which were apparently in support of his country .

Within minutes, twitter came alive with citizens of both countries taking swipes at each other using the hashtag #NigeriansOwnThestage and #KenyansOwnThestage.


Even Ghanaians were not left out…

What battle does episode 10 hold for us? Do Nigerians really own the stage? Kenyans seemed to have won the Twitter battle. But which country holds it down till the end of the show? Sources say there may just be something bigger than a battle of nations coming our way.

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