Leading the Studio of Music of The Industry is under the Musicians Producer Nahreel and Aika Marealle you like to take this opportunity to declare to the public that starting from 14th January 2016 Wamemuingiza New Artist Female named Rosa Ree, Rose Ree is singer Music kinds of Rap, who operates his will begin to be heard / Appearance not many days from now in Radio and TV Stations Far away in Tanzania and abroad.

As listeners and old will we pray He supported new artist Have we sure will not weaken in bringing entertainment in your eyes and ears when his works start to be released soon.

The Industry is a music label and that there is a group of music under a big success of the Navy Kenzo Producer Nahreel and supervised by his assistant Aika Marealle

Some artists worked with a finished label The Industry from its inception until now is Diamond Platnumz recently with his song Nana, Nikki II and song Swalehe Father, Joh Makini and his songs like Do not Bother with half half.

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