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By Dammy Fash

I came back from school (America) December 2014 hoping to go back as soon as possible but my dad had another plan for me. He wanted me to transfer schools. Different things happened.

I had the longest holiday from school in 2015, it wasn’t easy for me too many things happened at once but then God doesn’t just delay you for no reason, this particular holiday am talking about Birthed “ONCE UPON A TIME”.. 


I was bored, nothing to do, then I picked up my laptop and started typing. I am grateful to God for making this my dream a reality. From the onset my dad supported me and my mum was my backbone, my siblings would read the story over and over again and say “Sister Damilola you tried”.. I never knew I would write a book but I always knew I loved to write, and I had intention of writing scripts and probably sell or give out but i never knew I would do this, right now i have about 3 short stories i have written almost like once upon a time. i had a tough time finding the right name to give my first project, am a lover of Tiwa Savage, i thought of her album name “once upon a time” and it really went with what i was looking for because that just basically tells u that its a story, i dont really like titles that explains to you whats inside the book. i took my laptop and i was just playing o thats how i designed the cover MYSELF then i actually believed that this was meant to be.


From time being I have always wanted to be a lawyer which i know God would still complete for me, I always knew I would be very successful at my young age,I would be 20 on July 14 2016, and my book means so much to me because I spoke for so many people, both young and old, men and mostly women. And also my birthday is a very special day for me.. So because of that I plan to launch it officially on my 20th birthday am not sure yet it might be changed because my mum is like its too far but i want my people abroad to be able to come because thats holiday time, I hope everyone would be able to make it because trust me, you would enjoy it and probably learn different types of lesson and see how I picture life from my view. Its just about 120 pages because i know so many people can’t read a very heavy book so i think everyone that picks it up should be able to finish it in a day or two, very interesting and relate-able
when I first came back people would call me when are you going back to school, how many people can you explain what’s going on inside your house to? After a while my phone would hardly ring. Not that it was bad to explain to people but it wasn’t just necessary for people that weren’t my close friends. I lost so many friends and even people I thought Would always have my back because they probably thought I had dropped out of school or something. Some people would finish school fast and not find job or husband and the person that finished a little late would finish and even get everything before the person who finished first, same as marriage some would rush to marry and they would wait for kids and some would just wait even at 35 they would get pregnant immediately .. People need to understand that sometimes it’s not how far but how well. 


I really detest men that abuse women or people that maltreat younger people for no reason, I am 100% against rape and some types of abortion, I dislike men that say female kids aren’t as useful as male kids. I don’t understand why parents pick husband or wife for their kids or why people are “Forced” to marry because they are 30, the best you can do is to pray for them and advice not pressurize them to go and bring husband or wife, so many people are married now and they don’t even enjoy it because they probably married too early..

“Once Upon A Time” is a story of 3 different countries but speaks mostly for Nigerians and Africans as a whole, I pray in the nearest future I can make it into a movie for people who can’t read, I hope people understand and also have fun while reading my book because am such a story teller, I can’t even call myself a book writer, I wrote this book beginning of February and I finished it I think in 4 weeks but I took a break to write another short story called “Unwanted” would probably share that later but then I wanted to launch it on my 19th birthday but things were just not right, I would have loved to launch it early 2016 but like I said before my birthday is very special to me so I want to do something good that I wouldn’t forget in my lifetime on that day.

I owe so many people appreciation for this book, I have a particular friend she stayed up nights and she edited everything because at a point i was mixing up BRITISH English with American English. Some men and women (Awesome people) who also helped me to edit and gave me ideas and many other people, I would be able to pour out my mind better at the launch, and to the people I told about it that thought it wouldn’t be possible 🙂 like I said earlier, God is bigger than any human being.. 

May God particularly bless everyone that even comes on my blog to read whatever I post, it means a lot when I check the amount of views I get as a “random person”. I hope to see you all in 2017 again, have a beautiful January… 

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With love DamStar??

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