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Woman mistakenly sends Nude photos to Husband instead of Lover

A woman has landed in hot water after she mistakenly sent nude photos meant for her lover to her husband.
The cheating woman identified as Abigail Dube from Mpumalanga in South Africa, sent her nudes to her husband instead of her married boyfriend, Mpendulo Ncube, who lived in her neighborhood. She also added steamy sexual messages about having sex with her boyfriend.
In the messages, Dube thanked her boyfriend for a wonderful date and also asked for his nudes so she could sleep well.

Her husband Mudenda who received the messages and nudes was shocked and confronted his wife who could not give a satisfactory answer.

She told him she was seeing someone but she was yet to have sex with him.
He pounced on her and beat her blue black. She called the police and her husband was arrested for battery. She however dropped the charges inorder to avoid a humiliating trial.

She told police she mistakenly sent her husband the message after she left her husband in the sitting room to go lie down in the room.
Source: TimeGist

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