The Danish Girl Is Being Banned From Middle Eastern Movie Theaters

The authorities banned The Danish Girl following complaints about the film’s so-called “moral depravity” after it was screened in Doha.

“We would like to inform you that we have contacted the concerned administration and the screening of the film is now banned from cinemas,” said the country’s ministry of culture on social media.

The ministry also thanked members of the public for their “unwavering vigilance.”

In the film, Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne stars as Elbe, believed to be one of the first people to undergo sex reassignment surgery, with the support of her wife.

Cross-dressing and being openly transgender is a taboo in Qatar, which is set to host the 2022 football World Cup. Homosexuality is also outlawed in Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC), including Qatar, with punishments such as imprisonment, fines, deportation and even the death penalty.

alicia.vikander- the danish girl

The Danish Girl opens in South African cinemas on 29 January, 2016.

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