‘Why We Invited The Military To Orlu’ – Governor Hope Uzodinma

Governor Hope Uzodinma

The Governor of Imo State, Governor Hope Uzodinma has indicated that he invited the military to the Orlu community to prevent a repeat of what happened during the #EndSARS protest.

According to him, during the #EndSARS protests, hoodlums took advantage to carry out their dubious acts.

His submission comes after some residents in the community claimed that the state government invited the military to carry out an airstrike attack that was meant to kill them.

He explained this when he spoke to the press after meeting the president, Muhammadu Buhari where he said;

“Well, the issue of bringing the military to Imo state? You recall, during the #EndSARS protests, a lot of properties were damaged in Imo state, police stations were burnt down, soldiers were killed, their rifles removed from them.

And immediately after the #EndSARS, we thought it was over. Then, issues of kidnapping, where you know, a Catholic bishop was kidnapped, who was killed. And these militants came out and began to shoot. We’ve lost lives, market women were killed, old women were raped in Orlu area of Imo state and they visited this serious terror on the citizenry.

And they I came here (presidential villa), pleaded with Mr. President for his support and he sent additional support by sending in police and the military also came in. And that is where we are.

It was on my invitation that the military came. And I did that because I know the situation was beyond the local arrangement, we needed help. And the help was given to us.

And as I speak to you the situation has come down to normal, people are now going about their businesses. And those caught will soon be charged to court. And all those military riffles from the army, the police, AK 47, and so on, were recovered by the people that came.

We are a government; it is our responsibility to protect lives. And while we have the Nigerian Army, Nigerian police. We had security challenges, we invited them to go to work.”

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