Tompolo: Buhari Running A Clueless Government – NDPA

The Niger Deltan Patriotic Alliance, NPDA, has urged the Federal Government to refrain from what it called “the harassment” of High Chief Government Ekpemupolo, a.k.a Tompolo, asserting that“the All Progressives Congress, APC, led administration must realize that it cannot fight everybody at the same time.”
Addressing newsmen, on Thursday, in Uyo, the group through its spokesman, Offiong Udo, asserted that “just as we witnessed between 1983 and 1984, our nation is fast disintegrating into a lawless era of arbitrariness and cluelessness powered by an abysmally weakgrasp of what it takes to govern a nation in the modern era.”

Asserting that “it is extremely fool-hardy tobe stuck with Boko Haram in the North-East while opening up new fronts with IPOB, MASSOB, Shiites, Yoruba elders and now Niger Deltan militants at the same time,” the group claimed that “finally, those who claim to be best suited to rule have now exposed themselves as too provincially minded for the challenges of the modern world.”According to the group:

“The present administration appears clueless, just staggering from one missed step to another, utterly incapable of turning around our impending economic woes, and instead, pretending it is doing something by pushing our country into a frightening quagmire of national crisis by fighting everyone that does not agree with it.”

Source: VanguardNg

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