You must be ready to slay at any possible event you get to appear. Here are a few tips to rule the catwalk of accessories like a queen.

  1. It is important to first determine the kind of event you are stepping out for. Is it a work event? Or is it a party? The type of event you are going for has a role in determining the type of accessories you should use.

  2. Moderately accessorize: Do not wear more than 4 large accessories, except you are going for an Indian-themed party. You don’t need to show it all off today, tomorrow is another day. You don’t have to wear everything at once. It is also important that your accessories match your outfits.

  3. Earrings are important: Whether it is a stud or a dangling earring, earrings are the best accessories for your face. It compliments your face and enables you make your desired fashion statement.

  4. Wear you. Be yourself as you dress up for that next outing. Wear what resonates with you; you do not have to copy another style of fashion. Wear what fits you most.

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