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It is often said that ‘sorry’ is a magic word, however, there are just certain things that sorry cannot fix.

One of such is a false rape accusation made against Somto Nwosu by three girls, Anjola Obisesan, Hameedat Hammed and Omotolani all from the Kawara State University who mistakenly sent his number to a female group on WhatsApp. The young lad who is just starting his career and who definitely has a career to protect has been trolled on WhatsApp by different numbers sending him various threatening messages.

The girls were obviously not sorry for their actions, following the screenshots made from their WhatsApp status and messages where Tolani wrote, “Dem say no be yangy oo but continue dragging him, he is supporting yangy”. Meanwhile, Somto had come out to say that he doesn’t even know Yangy in a tweet that reads thus, “Sigh. In this case where they are accusing you wrongly because of one person’s mistake. Just imagine what a slight error can do to someone’s Mental health and clientele. I don’t know Yangy from anywhere and we don’t even look alike. So why this..? God?”

One of the girls, Hameedah Hammed, sent him an apology text on WhatsApp where she acknowledged that he is not a rapist and that mentioning his name was a stupid mistake she made. However, Somto made his wish known to take legal action against the girls for high-grade defamation of his character.

This prompted the girls to make a public apology to Somto which Somto has decided to accept. While Tolani decided to post a video, Hameedah made a tweet and attached the apology text she sent to Somto while Anjola wrote a letter.

He made his decision known in a tweet which reads thus, “I broke down when I didn’t have any sleep throughout the night, calls from different parts of the country, Calls from mothers, fathers, Lawyers, Grandmothers.

“I heard the cry of a mother asking for the forgiveness of her 18 year old daughter’s negligence.I spoke with their families, their mothers especially, when she heard her daughter could go to jail for the next 15 years over a Post which she could have easily neglected, but for the fight of clout and “ over sabi “ they had to join the trend.

“The three girls.
– Anjola Obisesan
– Hameedat Hammed
– Omotolani

Have reached out to my friends, family with series of begging to have mercy On this Case.

We have spoken to my lawyer to drop the case and let’s settle this amicably.”

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