Rihanna Scores “Styled to Rock” Reality Show With The Style Network


Nicki Minaj isn’t going to be the only hip-pop diva with a spot on reality television; Rihanna has landed a lil gig of her own.

All you Riri Rangers/Navy  will be glad to know, the singer turned TV producer has scored a major gig over at the Style Network. After receiving a poor reception across the pond, her fashion reality show Styled to Rock is now headed to the US.

So far it seems to be sticking to the same formula. Rihanna will choose 12 up-and-coming designers to produce pieces for A-list celebrities. The show will span 10 hourlong episodes as the creative set battles for the title of “America’s next trendsetting designer”.

On the joint venture, Salaam Coleman Smith, President of Style Media, revealed, “Rihanna is a trailblazer, a trendsetter and the epitome of style. She has a powerful and unique point-of-view that transcends every aspect of pop culture, including fashion, and is a leading creative force.”

Earlier in the year it was reported that Rihanna was working on a reality television series in the UK, but it turns out the public isn’t as RiRi crazy in the UK as we are across the pond – because the show didn’t do as well as anticipated.




“Rihanna will personally select the 12 designers who will compete for the coveted opportunity to dress some of the biggest names in entertainment. To help the designers reach their ultimate artistic potential, Rihanna will enlist the guidance of top experts from the fashion industry to serve as mentors. Each week, challenges will push the designers to their creative limits when they are tasked with styling an A-list star.

Each week’s celebrity guest will determine which designer best achieves their vision – and advances to the next week of competition. Faced with the threat of elimination, the remaining designers must meet with the mentors to discuss where they fell short and ultimately who will be sent home. In the end, one designer will be named the winner of ‘Styled to Rock’.”


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