Immediate successors of Nigerian politicians are based on public avowal of loyalty to political movements and legacies of their respective regions.
Instead of the timeless public service values of loyalty, integrity, selflessness and chasing of the public’s interest, the public sees a constant pursuit of one ‘up-manship’ with a need to keep their political groups at the helm of government.

This reaults in petty scuffles that hurt the public interest and retard our growth as a nation. This is the extent that ethnicity and such other tendencies interfere with the loyalty that a state demands from her citizens. It is time to go beyond petty qualifications as area of origin, religious inclination and the conviviality of the boys club.

We need leaders with vision, integrity and a will power to move beyond the now, a will power a determination to make a better Nigeria now and not one who will still submit to the rules of ethnicity and God-fatherism to the extent of abusing public interest.

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