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OSG Live Series: Oye Akideinde, Co-founder of 360 Nobs and CEO of MTN MusicTime Addresses Music Artists on What to do During Pandemic

During the OSG Live Series which held today, 11th June, the CEO of MTN MusicTime addresses the impacts of the pandemic on the music industry. He mentioned that the music industry will definitely be affected especially since music industry thrives on large crowds. He mentioned that it is not only the music artists who get affected by the pandemic, and that songwriters, DJs and sound engineers get affected too.

However, Oye Akideinde, the CEO of Music Time has mentioned how musical artists can thrive despite the spread of the pandemic:

  1. Organize concerts from home: Musical artistes can begin to organize concerts from home while people tune in on various social media platforms. During the live series, one of those who joined in attested that this has already been happening in the United Kingdom, and thus, it is high time that Nigerian musical artists begin to explore the opportunities made available to them on social media in this era.

  2. Digital marketing: Social media marketing platforms like Instagram and Facebook provide digital marketing tools where entrepreneurs can run ads to sell their products or services. Mr. Oye mentioned that artists need to start thinking like entrepreneurs.

  3. Creativity is key: In this abnormal situation which is fast becoming the new normal, creativity is highly needed in the entertainment industry. The CEO mentioned that Nigerian music artists should work closely with their creative teams more than their business teams.

The CEO closed by mentioning the MTN MusicTime as a platform where users can register and stream their favourite music.

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