Only Church Businesses, Investments Are Surviving In Nigerian Economy – Bishop Oyedepo

Founder of Living Faith Church worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo has posited that the church businesses, investments are the few elements that have breadth in the Nigerian economy

Oyedepo spoke to his members on Sunday and made the submission that the only thing remaining in Nigeria today are the investments of God’s people which are all in the church.

He said: “Remove the products of revival from Nigeria economy, there is nothing remaining.

“Let me say this and I am saying this very boldly; the only thing remaining in Nigeria today are the investments of God’s people. The only one.

“You know the other people are busy killing themselves. No plan, no purpose, no forward-looking.

“Check all the employers of labour today in this country, authentic, not manipulated stuff. They are believers.

“Those are products of a revival. Unleashing financial fortune to advance his Kingdom.

“That is why your Church will be building rural Churches and at the same time building the Ark and building every other thing that is coming around.”

In other news, Oyedepo recently advised his followers to shun the taking of bribes and live righteous lives in order to earn their place in Heaven. He said: “If there is a crisis in this Nation, I will be the last to leave here.

“Don’t rob nobody, don’t cheat on anyone. Don’t outsmart your business partners. Don’t swear falsely. Don’t take bribes. Favour is the companion of all that fear God and favour shall be your companion from now.

Flowing in favour demands the doing of righteousness. You know there is the appropriation of righteousness that people emphasize today, but don’t be deceived, he that doeth righteousness is righteous. The doing righteousness: favour!

There was an explosion of favour, until the time that his Word came. The Word of the Lord tried him.”he added.

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