Major Skin-Alert: Sika OSei and Cornelia O’Dwyer vibe around skin routines

Hey guys,

What’s good my amazing chocolate and caramel sisters! So today we switch things up with me doing less of the talking and more of listening plus some dancing too. I feature my good friend, Cornelia O’Dwyer on this episode and trust me when I say she dropped some major-key knowledge as she shares her amazing skin care routine. She totally smashed this one. Now, just in case you’re wondering where you’ve seen her face, she was the host of the online show ‘Real Talk’ on Ndani TV.
One of the amazing things about featuring Cornelia is the fact that she such a light makeup user, so getting to hear speak on how she keeps her skin as natural yet as attractive as possible, plus her trigger foods, her water routine, her choice of soaps, serums and moisturizers was particularly very refreshing. We had so much fun on this one and Cornelia was such a great sport. In fact, we got her to dance on camera to Wizkid’s ‘Feeling the Beat’. Poor Ms. O’Dwyer!
Anyway, let me know what you guys think. And as always please do share your own routines on how you keep your skins looking fabulous.

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