Jay-Z Gets Emotional About Hardships Of Fatherhood On Blue Ivy



Jay-Z opened up in yet another Samsung Mobile mini video about his upcoming Magna Carta Holy Grail album. 

And this time, he  fought back emotion while explaining the double meaning behind his “Jay-Z Blue (Daddy Dearest)” track.



Blue Ivy’s dad explained how him not having his own father to teach him how to be a man, makes him fearful of fatherhood and being the best daddy he can be.  He also talks about the changes in his & his wife’s relationship…and how he never wants them to go down a road that causes them to have to juggle joint custody.

Jay tells Rick Rubin in the video:

“…Something that we both created.  We still marvel at her. It’s most obvious on a song called ‘Jay-Z Blue,’ and it deals with my pop left when I was young so he didn’t teach me how to be a man nor how to raise a child or treat a woman. So of course, with my karma, the two things I needed I don’t have and I have a daughter. It’s the paranoia of not being a great dad.”






Check out the lyrics below:


 photo jay-z-blue-lyrics-475x753_zps486ae547.jpg




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