It’s One Direction’s 10th Year Anniversary: Here Are Their Ten Top Songs We Can’t Forget

Popular music band, One Direction, took to Twitter yesterday to announce that the band will be celebrating their 10th year anniversary today. See the tweet below:

One Direction songs come with a certain vibe that lifts our soul and makes us stay hopeful all day. Here are the ten top One Direction songs we can’t forget:

  1. You & 1: This song makes lovers stay hopeful in a world of failing vows and sour love stories.

  1. Story of my life: An unrelenting lover will surely find this song relatable, hoping that one day the person they love so much will see them.

  1. Steal my girl: This song affirms the feeling of having a wonderful partner that makes everyone envious.

  1. Night changes: A young adult, who is in the beginning stage of romance and love will surely find this relatable. And of course, for the grownups, it sure brings back a lot of memories.

  1. What Makes You Beautiful: This inspiring song reminds girls about their beauty and makes them walk with their heads high.

  1. Best Song Ever: This song describes the captivating beauty, elegance and confidence of a woman.

  1. Drag Me Down: This emotional piece narrates how love can make us believe in ourselves such that no one will be able to drag us down.

  1. If I could fly: The song brings to mind all the emotions and feelings that come along with falling in love.

  1. Kiss You: Just as the name implies, the song narrates the romantic feelings of the singer and makes the listeners hopeless romantics.

  1. Through The Dark: The song preaches a hopeful message, stating that lovers should stay with each other through the dark.

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